P-09 | Create a Label Design

P-09 | Create a Label Design

Project Description
As YAPPI is planning to scale up its activities, it seeks to improve its marketing materials to promote their products to distributors and store-owners. YAPPI currently does not have a product catalogue or detailed brochure for its individual products. There are over 10 products. This is even more pressing given the intensifying competitive environment.

Individual or team of volunteers
YAPPI needs the assistance of an experienced copywriter to prepare its product brochure text. The text needs to be tailored to the needs of distributors and retailers, as YAPPI’s customers they form the bulk of YAPPI’s customer base. This brochure will also be used product information kit for distributors.
1) There will be one brochure per product for two of their main products
2) Product brochures are to be prepared in Indonesian
The project needs to be completed by Early October

Expertise Required
Prior experience in copywriting or advertising is required.


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