P-07 | Create a Standard Operating Procedure

P-07 | Create a Standard Operating Procedure

Project Description     
SDF is stepping up its public advocacy efforts in the run up for the 2014 rollout of the national healthcare system. It would like to ensure that the plight of lupus sufferers in Indonesia are known. SDF recently presented the case for Lupus sufferers to the parliament to advocate policy change.

Individual or team of volunteers
SDF has prepared an information brochure based on its recent consultation with parliamentarians on the plight of Lupus sufferers. It would like to adapt the Indonesian versions of the brochure which combines the introductory article with a brief Q&A.
1) English adaptation of existing brochure on SDF and Lupus
2) English translation of Q&A and feedback from the recent parliamentary hearing

The project needs to be completed by early October
Expertise Required
Prior experience in copywriting or editorial work is required


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