P-04 | Develop a Marketing Plan

P-04 | Develop a Marketing Plan

Project Description
In 2014, NDI aims to empower at least 75 more rural women who can reach out to almost 10,000 rural Indonesians with solar-powered lamps. Part of NDI’s overall fundraising strategy to meet this objective is to embark on an online campaign in Indiegogo, a crowdsourcing platform.

Individual or team of volunteers
Working closely with the Executive Director, the online campaign manager will be responsible to design, market and publicize the online campaign effectively. Essentially, the candidate should produce a campaign that will generate good online support which in turn, is translated into action (donations).It will also be useful if the volunteer also has some basic understanding of social media analytics so that he or she can track traffic and engagement patterns.
1) Detailed online marketing campaign plan
2) Designing necessary infographics, banners and posters
3) Fund raising target of SGD 10,000 by 31 December 2013
The project needs to be completed by end-2013

Expertise Required
1) Proficiency in online media campaign
2) Experience in social media marketing/online campaigns
3) Some familiarity with Indiegogo crowdfunding platform


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