P-01 | Develop and Implement Long Distance Learning Initiative

P-01 | Develop and Implement Long Distance Learning Initiative

Project Description
Assist to develop a program and coordinate the running of the long distance learning initiative. The volunteer would establish a network with other volunteers who are willing, on regular basis, to interact and share knowledge virtually with the Tanoker’s family. Tanoker focuses on children’s social development; promoting pluralism and encouraging children to make friends with people regardless of their backgrounds.As such, it believes that through long distance learning that leverages on Internet technology, there will be opportunities for children to communicate, to interact and to exchange knowledge with people outside of the village while having fun and building friendship at same time.

Individual or team of volunteers

• 6 thematic module/program that facilitates knowledge sharing (duration 60 minutes; monthly initiative over 6 months period.
• Evaluation in 6 months time for improvement or replication.

Expected completion in 2 months

Expertise Required
Passionate about children, and good understanding on child learning development.
• Good understanding of inclusive education,  awareness on global and social issues, cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity
• At least 2 years experience in developing on-line learning program.