Dr Dwi Noverini Djenar

Dr Dwi Noverini Djenar

Senior Lecturer & Chair, Department of Indonesian Studies, School of Languages & Cultures, University of Sydney

Net-Impact Project:
Long Distance (virtual) Learning and Cultural Exchange

NGO/Social Enterprise Partner:
Tanoker Ledokombo, Indonesia

Impact Value:

On the virtual meeting:
“The university students were impressed by Ledokombo children’s tenacity. The virtual meeting had given a new dimension and breathed a new spirit into the students’ learning about Indonesia”

On the overall experience volunteering with Net-Impact:
"I was inspired by Tanoker and what the organization is working to achieve for the community at Ledokombo. Connecting students in that small village in East Java with my Australian students at the University of Sydney has been a very unique and rewarding experience. It was our first time doing it, we were anxious about technology, but in the end, everyone had a great time. It was fun! Remote volunteering can make a difference, it can open up new opportunities for collaboration across cultures, cities, and countries. It helps build bridges of friendship among communities. I am pleased that my students and I could do our part"