Network For Social Impact



Our overarching vision is for everyone to be able to do good with what they are good at, and together help build more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable communities in Indonesia.

Network for Social Impact (“Net-Impact”) is a not-for-profit, for impact, social enterprise initiated and run by a group of volunteers who aspire to make a positive difference by volunteering our time, skill, and experience.

Established in June 2012, this platform was born out of our shared passion and needs to create a space for everyone to find their own sweet spot to contribute to the community, and to collectively focus energies to transform both ourselves and others through real acts of caring and sharing.

As a platform, Net-Impact is created to encourage and facilitate a culture of volunteering, and of doing good well for the community.

Statement of Purpose.
To enable social enterprises, not-for-profit and non government organizations to focus on their key purpose and what they are good at.

To create opportunities and enable volunteers to contribute their relevant skills and make positive impacts in areas that they love – if one loves what one does, one will strive to do it well,    

To generate wider awareness, support, and advance social solutions by social enterprises, not for profit and non government organizations.

To connect global volunteers with social enterprises, not-for-profit and non government organizations in Indonesia in most practical and meaningful way possible, so everyone could become more engaged, involved, and inspired.