Our Team

Andriani Winoto

Founder and President

ladiesAndriani works in a global not for profit education foundation established to create a better and more peaceful world. Her focus areas are on philanthropy, partnership and volunteer relations.

Andriani obtained her post graduate degree in Communication at University of Indonesia, and her second Master degree in Business Administration in Melbourne, where she discovered the joy of serving wider communities through acts of volunteering. She was involved as broadcaster and producer for Australia’s largest ethnic community radio station with close to 400 volunteers, elected as Chair for the Indonesian program, and prior to leaving Australia, served as Member of the Board – overseeing 70 community language programs including Bahasa Indonesia.

In 2011, she curated and chaired the inaugural and highly successful IPA Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SOLVE) Award — participated by 25 social entrepreneurs from Indonesia. Organized by the Indonesian Professionals Association in Singapore, for which she was also Head for its Social Development division, IPA SOLVE Award aimed to create awareness, recognize contribution, and generate supports for social entrepreneurs working in Indonesia.

She founded Network for Social Impact in 2012 with Esviyola Debrila, and considered it a privilege and blessing to be able to collaborate with highly talented and passionate friends and like-minded individuals.

Andriani travels widely in Asia Pacific, Europe, and North Americas regions, and is always on the look for game-changer ideas, and opportunities to connect and support change makers in Indonesia


Esviyola P. Debrila

Co-founder and Managing Partner

ladiesEsviyola lives in Singapore since 2006, and currently works in corporate finance for one of world’s largest professional services firms.

She obtained her Business Management degree from Singapore Management University, and was actively involved at various students led organizations during her university years – including as Head of Costume for SMUKI (SMU Komunitas Indonesia) annual art performance in 2008, as Vice President of Finance for AIESEC Singapore, and was the student host to H.E. Dr. Meutia Hatta (former Minister of Women’s Empowerment of Indonesia) in APEC Women Leaders’ Network in 2009.

In her free time, Esviyola is an avid reader, diver and hiker; she has reached the peak of Mount Kinabalu in 2011, and her next aim is Mount Rinjani in Lombok. She loves to network with people, discovers the other quirky side of life, and ponders about the meaning of life.

Esviyola believes that everybody wants to do good for others, be it with money, resource, time and skill. As co-founder, she wishes to see this platform as a space that connects like-minded individuals and organizations to create a positive impact in society, together.

“Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway” is a quote from Mother Theresa that she lives by.